Lola Cherry Cola (susurrus) wrote,
Lola Cherry Cola


my sister is preggers! in my little family...i get to be an auntie. im so excited for her. sometimes, maybe it takes a big change for people to clean up their lives, and for her, i think this is it.

also: clubbing midweek is a good thing, and i love it.

met a football player today, he wants to study with me.
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*looks around in suprise at the unlocked entry.*

Congrats to your sis. You'll be that crazy aunt, you know, the one that lives somewhere cool, and they visit to get really drunk.

Long time no talk, and don't be suprised if I don't call, cause I'm still terrified of tellephones, but who knows?

Anyway, peace, love, and doughnuts
football players want to study?
i think he wants to make out...